Where To Buy Wedding Supplies : Tip #1

12 Jul

Hey There!   Thought I would do a quick blog post on sourcing for wedding and party decorations.   I get asked quite a bit on where are the best places to shop online for event decor.   It’s surprising to hear that a lot of vendors keep their sources a secret.    Why?!   Sharing is caring my friend.   With that being said,  have you looked for wedding and event supplies at Shindigz ?

Free Shipping -wedding favors and decorations $85+



They not only carry wedding supplies, but also specific theme event kits.   Having an Oscar party or a Great Gatsby wedding?   They have it covered (no pun intended)  I especially like their theme kits, complete with backdrops.   I usually shop here when we need a specific prop for our bar set-ups.   FREE Shipping on Wedding Supplies & Favors at Shindigz

My favorite words:  Free Shipping!  Oh and they throw in some Free Personalization?  Cherry on top!  Hope this tip can be of some help to you.   Each one reach one!

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