3 Crowd Pleasing Wedding Reception Cocktails That Save Time and Money

9 May



Couple Enjoying Signature Wedding Cocktail



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Making The Choice:  Wedding Cocktails

The most amazing and unforgettable day of your life will most likely be your wedding day.  Sure enough, it’s an event that takes months of careful planning; the color and style of your dress, your photographic needs and of course, food and drink.  Your dear fiance has visions of multiple beers on tap, your parents and in-laws are waxing poetic about a certain bottle of  French wine with a name you can’t even pronounce much less afford, and you just want a good drink (and rightly so) and settle into the festivities.   Luckily, while you may not be able to cut corners on certain wedding day must-haves, your wedding reception cocktails can be a piece of cake, if you break your guest count down:


Guest Will Fall Into One of 5 Groups

  • Non-alcoholic drinkers
  • Wine drinkers
  • Beer drinkers
  • Liquor drinkers
  • The “just put it in a cup” drinkers


That being said, we are going to focus on three very budget conscious drinks you can serve your guests that consume alcohol and still stay very much in your wedding budget.  In addition to that, those very same drinks are no-hassle and won’t take much effort to serve.   A welcome perk to a day that will already be understandably nerve-wrecking!


The Big 3: Wine – Beer –Margaritas (aka The Limited Bar)

There is an endless array of wines available from, quite literally, all over the world.  Spain, France, Italy and even the United States all carry great wine selections.  Pick two of your favorites and let the corks fly. Your best bet is to choose one white wine and one red wine, try to keep them both the same brand.


Cabernet Sauvignon is the most popular in red wines and its dry taste goes nicely with heavier meats, such as beef.  An exceptional choice for white wine is a nice Pinot Grigio; it’s very balanced; not too sweet or dry.  A number of wine consumers love the taste of a good Chardonnay, but for purposes of your wedding day, its “oaky” taste will contend against your dinner menu that you’ve no doubt painstakingly put together.


When it comes to beer, go with one brand.   Guests will commonly go for popular domestic beers that are in the “Light” category, but if you can afford the specialty or imported beer brands and still stay within your budget, go for it!   There are great craft, specialty and import beers that won’t hold your bank account hostage and guest love them because most folks don’t consider those to be their usual “everyday” drinking beers.    These go over extremely well with guests…and trust me, you’ll be an instant hit!

Margaritas at weddngs are a popular choice

Last, but certainly not least is the very popular and very delicious margarita.   In the United States, margaritas are one of the most requested cocktails, hands down.  What’s the wonderful thing about margaritas for your big day?   Bulk, baby. Y ou can mix it in batches and have containers on reserve.   Fill a punch bowl with it and let the good times roll.   And, you can have different colors or flavors on a whim.    Dress it up with some great garnishes and offer your guests a sugar or salt rim.  And after all of that jazzing and sprucing up, guess what?  You’ve got your self a signature cocktail!   Out here in San Antonio Texas, the margarita is a very popular choice for  private events – and in our bartending service experience,  folks actually request more  margaritas on the rocks;  but depending on where you live, your wedding guests may prefer frozen.   In the end, it’s really up to you!


Until next time….”Cheers To The Married Life”

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